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To connect local non-profits, para-churches and faith-based organizations with global partners to reach the unreached, uplift the less and underprivileged individuals and communities. Nurturing each other’s needs through holistic approaches and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in every aspect.


Keepers Connections is a non-profit 501(c)(3); an interdenominational Christian organization committed to reach masses for spread of the gospel, engage the community, equip the churches and exalt the Christ Jesus. We work with the people and communities those are marginalized, oppressed, depressed and heavy laden by poverty due to discrimination because of faith, race, color and etc. We help them by sharing their burdens and mapping resources required to uplift.



Keepers Connections closely keep track of persecuted believers in the regions where Christians are targeted for practicing their faith and often mapped in false accusations. These believers are weak both economically and politically and get no support from their local leadership and has to face the rage and judicial punishments regardless of being innocent. Their family member especially young girls are targeted; abducted, raped and threatened to convert forcibly and this fundamentalist mindset will show no mercy to their Christian neighbors.

Keepers Connections find and create opportunities at all the programs and activities to distribute free Holy Bibles and other biblical literature among the children, youth and adults. This provides an opportunity to connect or re-connect these young souls to the teachings of Christ Jesus and prepare them to put the living word of God as their source of guidance and strengthen their literary knowledge.

Keepers Connections support the planting of Word-centered church which is for indigenous people according to their cultural-style. We help in the development of community and the structure of church building or adding rooms for Sunday school, youth, women or men ministry; also if the bathroom or pantry is required to cater the needs of local people. Similarly, we support the restoration of institutions struggling due to lack of resources and funds to reinstate the work they are doing.

Keepers Connections is not just advocating for Christians being persecuted in their country of origin but also helps the process of migration by responding to their basic needs for food, shelter, safety, security, commuting and spiritual needs by connecting them to the friends and communities near them to navigate in the new homeland. There is also need of learning new language, new culture and new basic skills, we work with till they stand on their feet enough to start new life.

Keepers Connections is committed to support and serve the evangelistic work being done by our brothers and sisters to sow the seed of God’s word. They continuously reminds that we are salt and light to the world, we are called to carry out our calling and the Great Commission. The evangelism is mostly difficult ministry that face so much rejection, threats and being harmed; we support, serve and provide necessary resources.

Keepers Connections keep the teaching of Jesus as key principle “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Most of our programs and activities are children focused where we engage them in fulfilled learning activities to develop their faith stronger in God at this tender age. We adapt the curriculum and literature according to their age and mental capacity to make them familiar with word of God through stories, visuals and games.

Keepers Connections always organize the youth activities and give responsibilities to the young people to plan, work and execute the events for youth and lead it, such opportunities helps to groom future leaders and keep them motivated to be “keeper of His people”. We partner with Churches, para-churches, youth ministries to conduct joint events to initiate a bridge between the future Church (His people), where they can discuss issues, have dialogues and be doers of the Word

Keepers Connections believe that education is important for any individual and community to change their current circumstances and be out of poverty to a better state. We work along with our partners to encourage the educators and the students to explore opportunities to excel their learning capabilities and support them by providing scholarships and funding opportunities to have access to the dreams. Technology is a great advantage to reach the slums and remote areas, all they need is internet, cell phones and laptops to be connected to the global village.

Keepers Connections work with indigenous leadership to provide effective Leadership trainings, mentoring and building networking groups. Also we provide opportunities for youth and adult that can help them learn new skills to earn their bread and butter and facilitate the families. Capacity building trainings that focuses on the soft skills, technical skills that helps individuals get good employment, start small businesses jointly and be entrepreneurs.

Keepers Connections reach the people who are affected by any natural calamity. Our volunteers, teams and partners join together to deal with the crisis and create a disaster response network to help the people and community in need regardless of their faith, race, identity or ideology. We organize relief distribution program to distribute relief packages to cater their daily needs. These relief packages contain food, staples, utensils, clothing, hygiene products and etc. During COVID-19 many people were laid-off or salaries were delayed for months with the support of our partners we were able to support them to bring food to the table and provide basic necessities.

Keepers Connections has a special concern to sensitize the individuals and communities we work along to ensure healthy living and keep the hygiene awareness as prime responsibility to help them be safe from sicknesses, diseases and be mindful of do’s and don’ts to keep not only their family but their community healthy and practice good personal hygiene. We provide HAHA kits for each individual on regular basis which comprises face masks, sanitizer, soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, mouth wash, deodorant, cotton buds, hair brush/comb, nail cutter, napkins, gloves, sanitary pads, shaving cream, razors and etc.

Keepers Connections with support of children and families send a Keepers BAGS to the children in the developing world with meaningful things; to bless them, appreciate them, gift them and surprise them by reminding we are ‘keepers of His people’. The Keepers BAGS is kind of school backpack or drawstring bags having school supplies, hygiene kits, educational toys, small cash, clothing and children Bible. These are given at the start of school year and at Christmas time to the children of needy families. These are tailored according to age, gender and needs. We encourage all to sponsor.

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